Infrared Sensor BRI823 AC120-277V   BRI823-X-D-BR

Infrared Sensor BRI823 AC120-277V BRI823-X-D-BR

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Infrared Sensor BRI823 AC120-277V BRI823-X-D-BR· Default Title

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The BRl823-X-D-BR mounts in an outdoor lighting fixture and provides multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight contribution. It controls 0-10 VDC LED drivers or dimming ballasts, as well as non-dimming ballasts and, with an Fresnel Lens, is rated for wet and cold locations. All control parameters are adjustable via a wireless configuration tool capable of storing and transmitting sensor profiles.

Item: BRI823-X-D-BR
120/277 VAC, 50/60Hz Resistive/Halogen:
800W@120V/1200W@277V Fluorescent
Ballast: 660W@120V/1200W@277V Electronic Ballast (LED/CFL) - 5A@120V/5A@277V Detect Area: 360°, max coverage 60' diameter from 40' height High Mode: 0-10 V; default 10 V Low Mode: Off, 0-9.8 V; default 1 V Operating Temperature: -40-158°F (-40-70°C) Operating Humidity: 20-90% IP66 for PIR LEN (top part of the sensor)

Packing size: 28x14x12 inch
Weight: 34.1 LBS (50 PCS)